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A wellness retreat designed to help you find your inner peace. It will include a variety of activities such as restorative yoga, sound healing, guided meditation, nutrition, journaling, and so much more.

Meditative Asana Training Studio

Here at the M.A.T.S. we are committed to making Daly City a healthier and happier community. We believe that yoga and self-care can help people to improve their physical and mental well-being and are dedicated to making these practices accessible and affordable for all.

Wellness Modules


Reflect with Journaling

sun salutation.png

Renew yourself with Sun Salutations

restorative yoga.png

Restore with Restorative Yoga

sound healing.png

Release with Sound Healing

yogic diet.png

Recharge with Yogic Diet

alignment yoga.png

Realign with Alignment Yoga

Winter 2024 Zen Daze

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